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As Makro Tarim we manufacture and supply fertilizers, organic fertilizers, chemicals, agricultural chemicals, granule fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, micro element compounds, microbial products, liquid organic fertilizers, amino acids, humic acids, liquid amion acid solutions, fertilizer, organic fertilizer, chemical, agricultural chemical, granule fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, micro element compound, microbial product, liquid organic fertilizer, amino acid, humic acid, liquid amion acid solution, humic fulvic acids, liquid algas, solid algas, algas, solid amino acids, granule amino acids, powder amino acids, solid humic acids, granule humic acids, powder humic acids, humic fulvic acid, liquid alga, solid alga, alga, solid amino acid, granule amino acid, powder amino acid, solid humic acid, granule humic acid, powder humic acid... Makro Tarim is established in Antalya since 1996 and determines the best service as a mission to itself . This mission for the micro-element compounds, very specific products that is supporting the immune system of plant, microbial products that we can accept products for the future, at the long-term, as result of R&D that produced in the form of gel is the main target by us. At this targetline, Makro Tarim is a growing company with 14 main and 8 local distribution companies in Turkey and 6 distribution companies in other countries. Our the largest power supply will produce enviromentalist and permanent solutions of plant nutrition with scientific and innovative understanding and present to our manufacturers’ service. Makro Tarim logo’s represents questioning, enviromentalist, searching and innovative understanding which are produced and imported products under this logo’s. » We are investigating: Because we strive for innovation, » We are enviromentalists: Because we respect to the enviromental, » We are questioning: Because of finding for the correct, » We are producing: Because development passes from production,

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